As noted several times previously, Grandpa Bill (aka Bill Sr.,) died in 1972.  Dad (aka Bill Jr.) died in 2013.  Both of them considered the project unfinished, so neither had a chance to write an epilogue.

It is safe to say that their offspring, as well as many other Christian and non-Christian folk, were hugely influenced in their values and politics by the two Bills (and in many cases, by their wives).  All of my generation of Spoffords, I think, can accurately be described as Leftist.

The other two protagonists in this volume, the C.L.I.D. and the WITNESS, have been gone for around 70 years and 20 years respectively with, as far as I can tell, very few footprints on the Internet where we have come to expect to find such things.

It may be that none of Blind Men Groping is ever seen by anyone, but that was not my intention anyway.  Rather, I hoped to achieve completion and to make these articles and commentaries available to Google and thence to anyone who wants them for whatever purpose.

There is no doubt that both Bills would be appalled by the election in 2016 of Donald Trump and by his behavior before and after his election.  I have no trouble imagining dinner table conversations, Witness editorials, and sermons from their pulpits, excoriating the man and documenting his violence to America and to Christian principles.  If you have read Blind Man Groping, I am sure you will have no such trouble either.

Tim Spofford
Portland, Oregon
November 30, 2017