The Fellowship For a Christian Social Order

Bill Jr.:

It was announced in the SOUTHERN CHURCHMAN that there would be a number of important conferences over a two-month span, under the aegis of The Fellowship For a Christian Social Order. The conferences were to be held in Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, New York, Richmond and St. Louis.

This organization was ecumenical in design, as distinct from the C.L.I.D. which was fundamentally Episcopal in intent and membership. There was, of course, over-lap in constituency and, from his office in Chicago, Dad seemed to be coordinating the efforts.

‘The purpose of these conferences is the widening of acquaintance and the strengthening of the spiritual bond between those persons who are seeking to effect such fundamental changes in the spirit and structures of the present social order as will make it in accord with the mind of Jesus; and the mutual exchange of ideas concerning industrial and international problems by persons of varied experience—employers, workers, teachers, students, clergymen and other professional men and women.

‘The following topics have been selected for discussion at the various sessions:
Which of the current industrial and commercial attitudes and practices are in conflict with the spirit and teaching of Jesus? Which of these should immediately and completely be repudiated by Christian people? What are the hopeful signs of the times in industrial relations?’

The listing of the membership, for the early 1920’s, is very impressive: Prof. Niles Carpenter, the Rev. Prof. Norman Nash, Mr. Ernest Tippett, the Rev. Ernest D. Burton, the Rev. Charles W. Gilkey, Miss Mary McDowell, Prof. Shailer Matthews, Dr. Charles Clayton Morrison, Prof. Alva W. Taylor, Judge George S. Addams, Judge Florence E. Allen, President Henry Churchill King, Governor William E. Sweet, the Rev. Lynn Harold Hough, Bishop Charles D.(sic) Williams, Mrs. M.K. Simkhovitch, Prof. Charles A. Ellwood, Dean William Scarlett, Prof. Richard C. Cabot, Prof. Jerome Davis, Rev. Prof. Harry F. Ward, Miss Grace Hutchens, the Rev. Frederick Lynch, Bishop F. J. McConnell, Prof. E.A. Ross, Rev. Norman Thomas, Rev. John Nevin Sayre, Prof. David D. Vaughn.

The news release, which is undated, concludes with:

‘No issue is so vital in the world today as the Christianizing of international relations and no single progressive step would do so much toward bringing peace, prosperity and happiness to all our people as the application of Christ’s principles to the industrial world toda

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